Pupils' Life

Conduct at Activities:

A student is considered a member of the MLS student body at all times and places. As such she/he must be conscious of his actions at games, dances, rallies, dramatic performances, service projects and other gatherings of students. Crude language and other expressions of uncouth conduct are unacceptable. Courtesy and respect should be observed at all times. MLS reserves the right to handle cases involving student conduct and actions, regardless of when or where such actions take place, if they are of a nature as to bring discredit upon the school or are in conflict with the values for which MLS subscibes to or are in violation of criminal or civil law or reasonable rights of others.


Students are expected to express themselves in ways that are not offensive to the sensibilities of others. The use of profanity, written or spoken, is prohibited at all school activities, on or off campus. Students whose expressions are especially offensive may be subject to suspension, and students who direct profanities toward members of the Faculty or Staff or another adult may be liable for suspension and/or dismissal.

Student Dress Code

Neatness, cleanliness, and good grooming with regard for the legitimate sensibilities of others in the commu-nity constitute both the basic goals and norms for the school guidelines in this regard. In general we rely upon the good taste of the student and expect that parents will offer the first and best counsel to their children in this matter. The following guidelines, however, are to be observed while the student is on campus during the school day.

  • Students must wear proper school uniform during the designated school days and especially on Mondays and Fridays. Shirts must remain buttoned at all times and tucked in. School uniforms will be acquired from the school and/or from a specific dealer as advised by the school.
  • Sports clothes will be uniform and allocated according to the Houses in the school. These Houses will be allocated upon admission.
  • Home clothes can be worn over the weekends in school and when students join parents for outings.
  • Hair will be kept neat and clean. Hair must be groomed, brushed, plaited, or combed at all times. Any hair-style that is considered inappropriate by the school administration will not be tolerated (e.g. mohawks, letter-ing). A student’s hair must be his/her natural hair color; bleaching and/or dying is not permitted.
  • Students may wear small studded earrings only. No make-up of any kind is allowed.
  • Undershorts are not to extend below the walking shorts nor should they be visible above the waistband of shorts or trousers. All trousers and shorts must be worn at waist level.
  • Any type of clothing that advertises alcohol, illegal substances, sexual exploitation, or displays obscene or suggestive lettering or pictures is not acceptable at school or school activities (on or off campus).
  • Any hairstyle, mode of dress, or excessive ornamentation (e.g., heavy jewelry, long chain wallets, or key chains extending outside the trousers or shorts) that creates disunity in school or is deemed inappropriate will be prohibited.
  • During evening prep and any other activity taking place during such times, students will be allowed to wear track suits. These must however reflect decency.

Conduct while Travelling on Trips

Students who travel with Mt. Longonot Schools' faculty members for a school sponsored function enjoy special privilege. Teachers who lead these trips take on significant responsibility for student safety and wellness. As a result, during school trips, students will be required to observe high standards of behavior and conduct. Any student who violates this code of conduct while participating on a school trip risks disciplinary action.

Harassment Policy

MLS believes in the inviolability and integrity of all persons: that we are created in God’s image and are of inestimable value. For these reasons, any form of harassment is completely contrary to this belief. All students and employees of MLS are forbidden from engaging in any behavior of this nature, which is directed at any member of the MLS community--adult, adolescent, or child. This policy also extends to any visitor or guest to the MLS compound. The school will treat allegations of harassment seriously and will review and investigate such allegations in a prompt, confidential, and thorough manner. A charge of harassment shall not, in and of itself, create the presumption of wrongdoing. However, substantiated acts of harassment will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

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